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Bette purchased her first Native American Style Flute in 2000 at a craft festival in Arizona. It was a low C Butch Hall flute and she loved the haunting sound it produced. Over the years her flute collection has grown to include many other flute makers and different key flutes.

In 2009, she recorded her first CD, Genesis, at Flute Haven ( while attending the workshop there. It was the first time Flute Haven included the option of recording some music while attending the workshop. I recorded 18 improvised tunes in several days using backing tracks from Clint Goss ( and with a small group of musicians consisting of Eric Miller on guitar and Ron Kravitz on drums. You can listen to and purchase Genesis as a CD or download it in MP3 format at

In 2010, she recorded a CD for Christmas which included Christmas songs from many different countries. All proceeds from this CD were donated to a local food bank. This CD is no longer available for purchase.

In 2011, she recorded her next CD, Music From Within, with Nate Tsosie which included music she composed or was improvised with Nate during the recording session. You can listen to and purchase this CD or mp3 files at

In 2016, Bette recorded Andromeda CD with her first guitar partner, David. The duo was called Windstrum which is not longer active.  Their CD can be listened to on CD Baby.

In 2017, she partnered with another classical guitar player, Gary, and their duo is called Sound Tapestry.