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CD Information

All of the previously recorded CDs were available from CD Baby, which has ceased its CD distribution business. The information below is for historical purposes. To order a CD, contact Bette Acker directly.

I released my first CD , Genesis, in 2010. The music was improvised and recorded live at Flute Haven 2010. This was my beginning of sharing the gift God has given me to create and share the music in my heart and soul through the wonderful Native American Flute. My journey began as a child where my parents exposed me to and supported the musical gifts given to me. Over the years my love of music has grown and my current love is the Native American Flute and the freedom it has given me to express what is in my heart and soul.

Genesis was created during my initial exposure to Flute Haven in August 2010. It was an incredible experience under the guidance of Clint Goss and the facilitators at Flute Haven. 

I also released a Christmas CD in December 2010. All donations received (>$400) were given to our local food bank.

In December 2011, I released my third CD, Music From Within. This CD was recorded live with my friend Nate Tsosie. The CD includes solos and duets using various Native American Flutes as well as the traditional silver concert flute. The music was written by me or improvised by Nate and I during the session. 

In 2012, I recorded the companion CD for Understanding the Gift Volume 2, which contains unpublished songs that John Vames wrote before his passing. The book and CD are available at

In 2016, I recorded a CD with Windstrum, a guitar/Native flute duo, and in 2018 I recorded a CD called Labyrinth with Sound Tapestry, a classical guitar / flutes (silver concert and Native) duo. . Sound Tapestry’s music can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

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