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Flute Circles

The ability to share your music and learn from others is one that is offered by Flute Circles throughout the world. To learn more about Flute Circles in your area, visit www.worldflutes.org. Flute circles in Northern / Central Arizona include:

Comments about the Payson flute circle:

  • Big thanks to you and Tom. We had a wonderful time.
  • It was nice to spend time together with your group. Probably will not be back for a few months due to other plans but look forward to attending another Payson flute circle.
  • The circle was great, I was very nervous. First time playing in front of others.:
  •  …thinking more about the gathering this morning… I want to commend you further. The way you encouraged each player was key. At whatever place they are/were. Also I liked very much the way you brought attention to different aspects of the playing… using it as a teaching time as well as sharing time. And for any of those attending to listen only…you gave a lot of great information about what we do. Just a really good circle. Thanks again.
  • An expanded comfortable conference room setting, More talented musicians from more places (Scottsdale, Sedona, Quartzite, etc.). A wide array of solo, duet, and accompanied live music. Even a small audience in attendance. All in all -*- a positive, supportive, uplifting exchange.
  • We enjoyed observing and have flutes but  just wanted to see what this was about. Next time we may bring our flutes…even if we are just beginners….

Other local flute circle contact information: